Calendar girls Shoot to raise funds for The Down’s Syndrome Association

This month I had the honour of being the chosen photographer for a “Calendar Girls” style shoot to raise money for The Down’s Syndrome Association with the amazing midwives at Miracle In Progress 3d/4d scanning clinic in Shepshed Leicester. After initial discussions over a christmas meal we were thinking maybe just a simple fine art shoot at my Leicester Studio here in Kirkby Mallory, with just a couple of pictures…Jo who owns Miracle in Progress was keen to get the ball rolling and after a couple of days the simple shoot had progressed into a full calendar! … so with little time to lose I got my head down and sketched out a few ideas for various images and the date was set and props were ordered! When Mums Julia & Hannah were told of our idea they were only too happy to bring Eliza & Jorga along to be our leading little ladies! From the moment Eliza & Jorga entered the studio they filled our hearts with joy… they were both absolute little angels. we all LOVE working with babies so were all in our element.

Every image that I had planned worked perfectly I couldn’t have asked for more from the babies and the midwives, then when one of the girls backed out at the last minute Julia & Hannah stepped in and saved the day..I have to say the portraits of the Mums and babies are my favourite images from the shoot. The images were then edited super quickly that night as the Daily papers wanted them forwarding to promote the Down’s syndrome Awareness Day which was the 21st March

Please help us raise as much as we can you can purchase our lovely A3 Calendar for just £9.99 here

The Sun

Daily Mail

Huff Post

Loughborough Echo





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